Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Holiday Recovery

Christmas has come to an end and I am WORN OUT. I've been sick for a more than 2 weeks now and while I managed fairly well through the family gatherings on Christmas Eve and day I've just been so very tired. Fatigue is a staple in my days, of course, but I've been extra tired because of my cold and then adding on extra activity...yikes!

I was relieved to have been able to show up and participate in the family festivities because it was great to see everyone and enjoy my favorite holiday. Wouldn't have traded it for anything. We were the first to leave on both days but I don't feel bad about doing so as it was what I needed to do to take care of myself. Actually, I'm sort of proud that I was able to manage as well as I did through it all.

I had to make some cuts in order to accommodate my cold like not doing as much baking, taking store bought dip instead of making my own, and the like. Plus there are several regular chores that just didn't get done around the house like dusting and laundry.

But now Christmas has come to an end and I'm getting back into my regular routine. Happily. Tonight we've been invited to drive through a light display and dinner with my side of the family who live locally. I had been planning on going and looking forward to it but have decided not to go because I'm still sick and just so worn out. I hate to bow out but am proud of myself for making the right decision for myself and for not beating myself up about it. I consider myself in holiday recovery right now.

How did you do this holiday season? Do you feel like you are now in recovery from the festivities?


  1. I did pretty well. I had a bad headache both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day that by the mid part of the day was back to the normal headache. That was the worst. I was afraid on Christmas Day that I would have to leave super early to go and rest but that didn't happen because the head did accommidate (however you spell this word!) me. I did enjoy myself a lot with my best friend and her family. Since she and I have been friends for 40 years (man, I feel old!), I have known her parents that long too so it is like visiting an aunt and uncle. I love Kathy's children too. The boys are going up so fast. So far, the oldest is in middle school and doing well, the next is getting so tall! Soon, he will be taller than me. Her little ones, the twins, are really good huggers, and through out both Christmas Eve and Day, I would get random hugs or asked for one. They are so sweet and huggable. I am glad yours was nice and I totally understand bowing out today, but like you said, you have to because if you don't, worse could happen. I am sure your family understands completely. At this point, I am mostly resting today because I am exhausted from the 3 days of busyness for the holidays.


  2. I am so glad to hear you had a good Christmas and were able to pace yourself, and know when to slow down and rest.

    I too have been doing some pacing and resting. Even though I do take my naps, I do feel as if I am in recovery mode, and gearing up for the next big event.