Saturday, May 21, 2011

Childhood Relics

Have I ever mentioned how much I love Netflix? I do. Recently I added The Cosby Show and Family Ties to my Instant Queue. I've been having a great time watching these old sitcoms that I grew up watching.

They aren't as funny as they were at the time but somehow I'm enjoying them just as much. I think it is their familiarity. There is something comforting about the sounds and sights of them as if I could feel the security, comfort and love of my home and family when I used to watch them growing up. Back in the day when I knew nothing of chronic pain. I had no idea about the harshness of the world outside ours. I was certain that my life would be as great and successful as that of my mom's.

These relics of my childhood are such a pleasure to have at my fingertips. Helping me to feel some of that security and comfort for the 21 or so minutes of each episode. What a treat in this time of stress, uncertainty, pain and sadness.

1 comment:

  1. These were great family shows! I think everyone tuned in to watch the Cosby's and the Keaton's. I'm glad that you can find some comfort from these, even if it is 21 minutes at a time.
    Much love <3