Monday, May 2, 2011

Ghosts Anyone?

My husband and I have made plans to go up to Gettysburg for a couple nights next week. His job is pretty frustrating and so he wants to get away from the city and just have some fun. We picked Gettysburg because it is fairly close to home and there is lots of outdoor free stuff to do that we can bring our dog along for as well. We like to take her with us when we go places but there are not many getaways that work with a dog her size.

At first I thought it would be really fun to go and stay at a bread and breakfast but found that they don't really welcome dogs. I did end up happening upon a B&B that does but then I got to thinking about it. With the anxiety issues our dog has I don't know if any of us will really be able to relax there and, as you can imagine, I will really need to relax when we are not out and about exploring. We ended up finding a reasonable hotel that would accept dogs and made reservations there.

Then it occurred to me that it really is for the best that we ended up in a regular, non-historic hotel as there is much talk about Gettysburg being haunted. Most of the historic hotels and B&Bs like to promote ghost stories from their locations and the town certainly has many ghost tour companies. I tend to believe that ghosts exists and think I would struggle to relax anyplace that might be haunted. Certainly, stories doesn't mean there are ghosts but on the off chance they are in one of these places and they could show up, well that's enough to make me glad we will be staying in a hotel.

Do you believe in ghosts? Have you ever seen one? Would you want to stay someplace haunted?


  1. When my mom and I went to gettysburg, we stayed at a nice hotel and the first night I couldn't sleep because of dreams of ghosts. They say that the battlefields are haunted but we only went to then during the day. I loved gettysburg and hope you have a good time!

  2. I do believe in ghosts and spirits. My dad turns the livingroom light on all the time. Have a good time in Gettysburg!

  3. Yes...I believe in ghosts!

    Before Zachary was born, my mother in law had passed away. Well in the middle of the night, his wind up mobile would randomly start playing. I used to joke with my ex husband that it was his mom. I really think it might have been!

    Also, before she passed...she insisted a ghost lived in her house. I once witnessed the tv turn on, then off with no one around except her & I.

    I stayed the night one time in a "haunted" inn...but didn't see or hear anything...although it was creepy.

    My sister's wedding rehearsal dinner last year was at the "Moon River Brewing Company" in Savannah and it's known to be haunted too!

  4. My sister stayed at a hotel in Eureka Springs that was on the Ghost Hunters show way before it was known as haunted. no ghosts unfortunately. She would have been thrilled in more than one way!

    I stayed at a haunted Inn in Colquit GA - lovely place. One of the guys I work with swore the ghost of Mz Ollie came in and drank his sixpack of beer. I suspect he was just a little thirstier than usual, but he would not stay in that room on return trips.