Monday, May 23, 2011

Oh Sweet Potato

There is a small sweet potato that has been on our counter for several weeks now. I bought 3 sweet potatoes one day at the store and we ate 2 right away and then the 3rd has just sat there. Neither my husband or I have wanted to turn the oven on just for the one small potato so it has sat there and sat there. I've tried purchasing just 1 more at the store and then we'll want to split a potato instead of making 2. So it continues to sit there.

About a week ago it sprout some red stalks and they have actually gotten fairly large since then. At this point I think the potato is still edible but I've become completely fascinated by the stalks so I don't want to eat it. I just want to see what happens. How much will it grow just sitting there on the counter?

Come to think about it I don't even know much about how sweet potatoes grow. I know they grow underground like potatoes and carrots. Do they start as seeds or do you just plant potatoes to make more potatoes? Perhaps I should go online and try to find out more about the growth of sweet potatoes. After all they are grand. Then someday when we have moved someplace where we have some outdoor access I can grow my own. Yum!

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  1. You can stick it in water, so that half is submerged, to continue the sprouting...or, just go ahead and plant it like in a hanging basket, and it will make a lovely vine!