Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Searching for Help

Blogger seems to be having trouble again. I haven't been able to post comments on several other blogs I follow and now I can't even post comments on my own blog either. Very irritating!


Time continues to tick away and now it has been 2 1/2 weeks since we last heard from the people who offered my husband the job in St. Louis. Basically all they need to do is clarify some details and it has taken them this long...and counting. Not Cool! My husband sent them an email yesterday but didn't hear back. I'm quickly losing hope here. We could have been moving this week if they had their act together.

I've decided that I can't just continue to wait to get treatment. Not only do I need to continue forward movement on treatment but I'm also running out of a couple of my refills soon. I would never have imagined it could take this long so it is hard to imagine just how long it will continue to go on. The easiest thing to do would be to go back to my old neuro. I really do like her and all but it is clear she isn't equipped to treat someone like me so I've decided I need to seek out a headache person in the area.

My first choice was Johns Hopkins Headache Clinic as it is only about 1 1/2 away without traffic. I called but their first available appointment isn't until September - SEPTEMBER! I went ahead and made the appointment just in case but clearly I need to find someone else until then. The search continues...I may end up back with my old neuro after all.

I'm frustrated.


  1. Well Damn! That's just ridiculous. I think Drs. offices should have special appointments to get patients (and potential patients) an immediate appointment when needed. What the hell good are they doing scheduling 3 to 4 months out?

    I hope you find someone else soon!

  2. How frustrating! I'm sorry! I hope job and care are soon forthcoming!

  3. So frustrating! I'm sorry!

    I'd be weary of accepting a job at a company that clearly does not have their shit together!