Sunday, May 15, 2011

Me vs The Blahs part 2

My battle with the blahs has intensified. I think my pesky hormones have galvanized them giving them a leg up. Whatever the reason, I feel like they are winning right now. I've had enough experience in life to know that in the end I will win the war. Nevertheless, somehow I am not finding much comfort in this knowledge.

I'm super uncomfortable. Nothing sounds good. I'm unreasonably fatigued. My sense of humor is not keen. I'm overwhelmed by the stresses in my life and my health situation. I don't know if some of these symptoms are the early signs of a new illness or if my mental health has taken a hit and I just need some antidepressants.

At first I thought the blues were the result of coming off the Amitriptyline. But that was a month ago, shouldn't I have snapped back to normal by now if that was the case? I don't know what's going on. I'm spending a ridiculous amount of time just working on the will to plug ahead. I'm still managing to shower in the morning and I'm getting some stuff done around the house. Cooking and dishes have taken a severe hit as has my appetite.

I'm just not sure what I can do to get on the other side of this feeling. I'm going through the process right now of exploring the recent changes in my health and it's possible this is related. But I wish there was a way to treat these symptoms in the meantime. This just isn't good.


  1. You are definitely in a funk, and it could be health related. Anti depressants just may be what you need. I know I have been a bit more chipper with mine, and I can tell if I miss a couple of days. I get moody, crabby, and just am not myself. Call your doc. Pain is more than enough to deal with, without adding depression on top of it. I wish I could wave a magic wand, and make the world better. (maybe I've read too much Harry Potter)
    Feel better!