Sunday, May 1, 2011

Me vs. The Blahs

Well, it's official, the blahs have permeated all aspects of my days. There really isn't anything that I want to do except curl up in bed and sleep - until better days return. I'm fighting it, with whatever is in me. I keep getting up, and showering and I can rally when my husband wants to do something. But I can't answer the question, "what do you want to do?" The answer is nothing. Fortunately I can enjoy myself when I'm actually out doing something.

I guess the loss of motivation and interest is most pervasive. I'm not enjoying food, I don't feel well, nothing sounds good, blah. I'm scheduled with my local neuro on Wednesday and I'm seriously thinking that I'll ask to try Botox. Though I do have a few remaining questions. My recent struggles with medication side effects have me wondering if it is possible that I could have a bad reaction to the Botox. Once it is injected, there is no way to stop it so if there is a reaction I will simply have to wait until it has run it's course.

Blahs, I'm not giving into your very compelling persuasions quite yet. Even if it means I have to go back on the Amitriptyline.


  1. I'm getting ready to have another Botox round as well. I haven't had it since last I'm going to give it another try while I'm waiting for my stimulator trial. I love it though! Can't wait! Smooth, wrinkle free skin!

  2. Good luck, and I hope your blahs go away soon!